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and I need to try to stop lying

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"Roadrunner" - The Modern Lovers

This timeless roadtrip rock `n roll ode was originally recorded in 1972 and finally released in the 1976 Modern Lovers` debut album.

Covered by nearly everyone.

The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner

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No work, no food still eatin’ off paper plates
Banana clip is a paper weight, paper mate

amazing sample

Chiptune is a gimmicky genre in the sense that, more often than not, the specific sounds used to make the music are built for nostalgia purposes rather than ingenuity. Stuff like this is hard for me to parse — do I like it because it’s chiptune jazz, or do I hate it because it sounds like Donkey Kong (GB)? A little of both.

Check out PROTODOME on bandcamp, it’s worth a listen if you like game boys


 All You’re Waiting For (feat. Nancy Whang) - Classixx

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Pokémon Red & Blue - Route 4

on a chiptune kick so have a classic


i appreciate the follows you are all wonderful :^)

LCD Soundsystem - Movement

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Deathly The Dog - Parasite

LCD Soundsystem - Freak Out / Starry Eyes

LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Padded Cell Remix)

My Roots Are Strong And Deep by The Microphones

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hot diggity daffodil

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the monarch and i have a lot in common. we both like depeche mode

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