my fucking sides oh god

my fucking sides oh god

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Anglerfish @ Cascade Surf

This was a punk show I had in my living room back in October — check it out! Or, if you’re more inclined, check out their music:



If you haven’t watched the new Korra then you haven’t lived

chill electronic mix

I made a new playlist! It gets a little less accessible as you go on but it’s all great stuff.


Who the feck is tame and paula

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Single Takes: I

My buddy Ryan just released an album of some tracks he’s been working on. CHECK IT OUT


do my parents even realize how lucky they are to have a child with such a great music taste

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Nujabes - Reflection Eternal

Factory Floor - Two Different Ways



Subscribe to me on youtube. I’d offer to suck your respective genitalia in exchange, but my stomach is full of WingStop, which is significantly more delicious than anything I’ve eaten since the last time I ate WingStop.

More videos and music on the way soon! Or eventually. Summer School is death to art. I’M EXCITED TO WATCH YOU WATCHING ME!

Will my hair ever change??? FIND OUT ON AN ALL NEW EPISODE OF YOUTUBE, 7 P.M. 6:30 CENTRAL.

get Evernote

Evernote is the current pinnacle of mobile and desktop note-taking. It won’t please you sexually, buy you drugs, keep you company, or keep you from laughing at tasteless racism in mixed company, but neither can the alcoholism you inevitably plunge into when you realize it’s the only computer app that truly understands.

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Reggie Watts is my favorite superhero

thanks for existing Comedy Bang Bang

she must be a damn good student!

jon left, game grumps is forever gone from my heart